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Cervical Spine Retraction

Mckenzie method retraction - Try this first for neck pain

Cervical spine retraction is often one of the first avenues of treatment for our patients with neck pain.  It is an end range loading exercise made famous by the Mckenzie method and is safe to perform in almost all patients. It is a simple exercise, but it has subtle nuance that can often be overlooked by first time patients. If we have prescribed it for you, click on the video below to refresh your memory on how to perform it properly. 

Don't forget that gravity is constantly placing force on the tissues of your neck.  It is for this reason that the postures we assume throughout the day are so important. While there's technically no such thing as "good" or "bad" postures, if you assume the same postures for long periods of time, they may be contributing to your pain. Take a peak at this video to see how posture drives our neck position, and therefore the forces we put on the tissues of our neck.

Lastly, this neck exercise may cause pain.  That's okay. Not all pain is a signal of tissue damage.  Sometimes it may even be a good thing. What?!? How can we say that? Click this video to find out when pain is a red light, and when it may be just a detour on your road to recovery. 


Dr. Todd Peterson, DC, Cert MDT. Dr. Todd Peterson Dr. Todd Peterson is a chiropractor and certified provider for Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (MDT, aka the McKenzie Method). Dr. Peterson played football at the University of Nebraska, where he was a 4 year letter winner and Academic All American. He briefly played professional football in 2009 before returning to Chiropractic School in 2010. He earned his doctor of chiropractic (DC) degree from National University of Health Sciences in 2013, graduating with Magna Cum Laude honors.

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