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Cervical Spine Retraction & Extension

In this post, we go over one of the staples of Mckenzie method treatment for neck pain - the retraction and extension exercise. This, combined with chiropractic and manual therapy, helps resolve many neck problems quickly.

Nov 24th, 2020
Introducing Dr. Todd Peterson

Come meet Dr. Todd Peterson, owner of Axial Spine & Wellness. He is a chiropractor, and the only certified provider of the Mckenzie method of mechanical diagnosis and therapy.

Nov 18th, 2020
What to do when your exercises are painful

As the only certified chiropractor in the Mckenzie Method in Chicago's west loop neighborhood, almost every patient who comes in with low back or neck pain will receive some sort of exercise to do at home. But what if those exercises hurt? Come find out..

Nov 8th, 2020
Fix your posture, Fix your back pain

In this post, we go over the easiest hack to correct your posture in order to get relief from back and neck pain that get worse with sitting & bending.

Oct 31st, 2020
Extension in lying

In this post, we go over the proper technique to perform the extension in lying exercise. This exercise is a staple of the Mckenzie Method, and we often combine it with chiropractic adjustments to get fast relief from low back pain.

Oct 26th, 2020
Cervical Spine Retraction

In this post, we go over the proper technique to gain relief from neck, upper back, and headache pains by performing Cervical Spine retraction. This movement is one of the staples of the Mckenzie method.

Oct 26th, 2020
Flexion in Lying

This post goes over the flexion in lying exercise, a critical part of the Mckenzie method. It is often overlooked but it is of the most valuable exercises when diagnosing and treating back pain.

Jan 6th, 2021
Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

Struggles to get to the clinic? Trying to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses, and still need to see your doctor? Telehealth is safe and easy — receive quality care from anywhere.

Dec 23rd, 2020
Shoulder traction

This self traction mobilization for shoulder pain helps supplement our Chiropractic care and Mckenzie method Treatment plans.

Dec 15th, 2020
Mckenzie Shoulder Extension

In this post, we share our Youtube video going over how to properly perform shoulder extension, a Mckenzie method exercise we utilize to help people with shoulder injuries.

Dec 13th, 2020
Side Glides in Standing

Side glides are one of the most commonly prescribed Mckenzie method exercises when patients have a relevant lateral component to their low back pain. This blog post goes over how to effectively perform side glides for relief from back pain and sciatica.

Dec 10th, 2020
Thoracic Spine Extension

In this video, we go over Thoracic spine extension, one of the most undervalued exercises in our Mckenzie method toolbox. It is often combined with chiropractic adjustments to provide relief from mid back pain.

Dec 7th, 2020
Sustained Cervical Extension

Repeated extension is one of the most powerful tools in our Mckenzie method playbook. When it doesn't have quite enough oomph to get rid of your pain completely, sometimes we look to sustained extension.

Nov 27th, 2020
Shoulder internal rotation

When treating shoulder pain with the mckenzie method, one of the most common end range loading strategies is internal rotation. In this post, we go over how to properly perform this exercise to resolve difficulties using your shoulder.

Nov 24th, 2020
Slouch/Overcorrect Exercise

This movement is often overlooked in the catalog of Mckenzie method exercises. It is great to use in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments as it can be well tolerated by almost all patients, and allows patients to perform movements more frequently.

Nov 19th, 2020
Extension in standing

In this post, we go over the Mckenzie exercise known as extension in standing, a common home exercise prescription to supplement the chiropractic care we offer in our West Loop office.

Nov 7th, 2020
What really causes back pain?

As a chiropractor, I have new patients walk through our doors every day with back pain. Many have been told different things cause it. In this post, we go over which culprits are real and which are questionable.

Sep 4th, 2020
McKenzie: More than just disc treatment

Many patients and therapists alike have the misconception that the Mckenzie method of Mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT) is just for disc problems in the low back and neck. In this post, we describe why that is not accurate.

Jun 23rd, 2020
Mechanical Pain Syndromes

In this post we go over the classification system for mechanical spinal pain as according to the Mckenzie Method of mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT).

May 7th, 2020
FAQ's on Chiropractic adjustments

In this post we discuss the chiropractic adjustment: What it is, what it isn't, what makes the pop, and other frequently asked questions we receive as chiropractors.

Apr 30th, 2020
Stomach sleeping

Is sleeping on your stomach bad for your spine? We discuss in this blog post.

Apr 15th, 2020
Battle Back pain while working at home

In this post, we’re going to talk about 3 ways to utilize movement to battle back pain while you may be stuck working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Apr 2nd, 2020
COVID-19 update

Learn how we are adapting in our office to better treat you during the social distancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Mar 19th, 2020
Phases of Healing for Joint Pain

We've established that we don't love prescribing long term treatment plans for back or neck pain patients. In this post, we go over what is happening in your body as you heal from an injury to your joints and how we treat through each phase of healing.

Feb 20th, 2020
Handheld Massagers

Handheld percussive devices are gaining popularity fast. Come in this post to see what they do, what they don't, and how we chose the right device for our office.

Sep 24th, 2019
The myths around cervical curvature

“Loss of cervical curvature” is one of the most common findings chiropractors use to explain neck pain and warn you of bad things to come. Come read this post to find out why that is not actually the case.

Sep 16th, 2019
To Adjust or not to adjust?

A chiropractic adjustment is a powerful tool for joint healing. But it's not for everyone, every time. Come find out how we decide if, when, and where to adjust.

Sep 11th, 2019
Anatomy is overrated.

What have you been told is the source of your pain? A bone out of place? A short leg? A straight curve? Arthritis? A tear in a tendon? In this post we discuss what really causes your pain and how inaccurate labels for pain can be a barrier to recovery.

Aug 18th, 2019
Insurance Billing

In this post, we go over our office policies for billing Chiropractic and Physical therapy services to your insurance company.

Jul 18th, 2019
What to expect on your first visit

We’ve had a lot of questions from potential patients recently about what to expect on the first day they come into the office, so this blog post is here to lay out what happens during a new patient visit.

Jul 18th, 2019
Health Insurance definitions

We often joke that understanding health insurance is a lot like learning a new language. In this post, we go over some definitions that will help you understand your health insurance.

Jul 17th, 2019
Health insurance for chiropractic

Understanding your insurance plan isn’t easy, but it will help save you a lot of grief and surprise medical bills. In this post we go over the basic need to know facts about health insurance and chiropractic care.

Jul 17th, 2019
Why Do we use the McKenzie method?`

The McKenzie method, or Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (AKA MDT) is a method we use to assess every patient who walks in our doors with joint or body pain. In this post, we go over reasons why we think it is the best approach for patients in pain.

Apr 25th, 2019
Mechanical Pain

Now that we've talked about all kinds of pain, let's get into our specialty: Mechanical pain

Apr 12th, 2019

In this post, we go over pain. We need to have to learn the basics of pain before you can fully understand mechanical issues like back pain, neck pain, or joint pain

Mar 24th, 2019
Welcome to the Blog

Hello and Welcome to the Blog! Come check it out to learn about the clinic, the doctor, and who we can help with our expertise.

Mar 12th, 2019