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What to expect on your first visit

We’ve had a lot of questions from potential patients recently about what to expect on the first day they come into the office, so this blog post is here to lay out what happens during a new patient visit.

Jul 18th, 2019
Health insurance for chiropractic

Understanding your insurance plan isn’t easy, but it will help save you a lot of grief and surprise medical bills. In this post we go over the basic need to know facts about health insurance and chiropractic care.

Jul 17th, 2019
Why Do we use the McKenzie method?`

The McKenzie method, or Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (AKA MDT) is a method we use to assess every patient who walks in our doors with joint or body pain. In this post, we go over reasons why we think it is the best approach for patients in pain.

Apr 26th, 2019
Insurance Billing

In this post, we go over our office policies for billing Chiropractic and Physical therapy services to your insurance company.

Jul 18th, 2019
Health Insurance definitions

We often joke that understanding health insurance is a lot like learning a new language. In this post, we go over some definitions that will help you understand your health insurance.

Jul 17th, 2019
Mechanical Pain

Now that we've talked about all kinds of pain, let's get into our specialty: Mechanical pain

Apr 12th, 2019

In this post, we go over pain. We need to have to learn the basics of pain before you can fully understand mechanical issues like back pain, neck pain, or joint pain

Mar 24th, 2019
Welcome to the Blog

Hello and Welcome to the Blog! Come check it out to learn about the clinic, the doctor, and who we can help with our expertise.

Mar 12th, 2019